Thursday, September 11, 2014


I am getting familiar with the different type of stitches that can be used with felt. I wasn't aware that the stitching world could be so fascinating! While surfing the web I found this adorable picture in Pinterest but I have not been able to link to the original photo on Flickr. I know that the author's name is Kirsty, but that's all I know (I hope she does not mind I used her beautiful stitches here).

Anyways, this is a very beautiful picture of different embrodery stitches. I want to do this too!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Taking it to the next level

Today I wanted to create a pattern to make strawberries in 3 different ways.
1) A whole strawberry
2) Half a strawberry
3) A strawberry slice

From the 3 above the 1st one is the easiest one, and I have already made 2 and they look quite OK to be my first strawberries and the second thing I ever made with felt...

While I was preparing the pattern for the strawberries in 3 ways I felt tempted to look -again- to the wonderful images of the strawberries and cakes made by japanese artist Ruko. This is a link to her 'food' gallery ( and it's truly amazing what she makes.

So I spent the whole night looking at her designs instead of making my very own strawberries. And I finally decided to buy a book of her creations to get my skills to the next level.  A 2nd hand copy of "Ruko's original sweets made of felt" is coming my way from Japan during the following weeks. I can't wait!

My first real project: vertical name banner

Inspired in a present we got some years ago when our eldest child was born, I designed and made this very different "felt name banner" for our little new neighbour next door:

I think I will write a tutorial really soon as I want to make another one for my youngest son too.

Isn't it cute?